The Other Side of 2020

the other side of 2020The Other Side of 2020

A year when our children knew life differently
To be etched in their memory,
Perhaps without the pandemic
A taste of life we would not have known

As parents, we tried our best
To foster a spirit of trust, faith and strength
To counter the air of fear and uncertainty
We made efforts to help them see
The silver lining in the darkest of clouds
To transform the lockdown into a time to heal the unseen wounds.

To cherish the flexibility and the slow pace,
Of living life beyond the normal race
Going back to the basics and simplicity
Plain home-cooked meals,
Shopping for bare necessities
`Less is more’ was on full score
No alarms to jolt us up
Savouring ‘no-rush’ breakfasts
The joy of changing into pjs after the morning shower
Basking in the sun during the lunch hour
Laughing out loud way past the bedtime with vigour
The sun-soaked energy still steady in its power

No frantic rush to book and plan holidays,
Sitting back to watch old movies together instead
Away from peer pressure, competition and the chase
Away from plush constructs
Into the safety of nature and open space
Meeting friends and family, yes, on screen
But like never before we have seen or been
Choosing connection over triviality,
Compassion over pettiness,
Love over fear
Picking new possibilities which were lost in time
Taking care of ourselves, we learnt, is not a crime

The valour of the frontline crew knew no bounds
They became family for those fighting for life
Clapping for the NHS and painted rainbows we held
Little gestures to thank the caring hands which toiled
As we hurt from losing loved ones,
Missed our life we once had,
and wondered what more would unfold,
We sank into what matters most
These were moments so precious
To be etched in their memory and ours
The earth breathed
We breathed
We may have after all,
Taken a few steps to heal the unseen wounds.