What Women Want?


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Nature demands respect. Else we find ourselves beaten fighting an invincible force. Nature is not only the oceans, stars, mountains, forests, animals or the air we breathe. We often diminish the fact that we humans are at the very core of nature. Possessing intellect may make us unique but by no means it makes us transcend nature. We are and will always be governed by the rhythms and beats of the universe. Man and woman were born out of the universe’s wisdom with unique attributes. The differences in the attributes should not be the reason for prejudice. Rather, those differences ought to be celebrated so we can experience the joys of duality in this world.

And that brings us to understand the question: what do women want? The answer is less elusive than we think it to be if only we focus our attention to nature and get cues from it. Nature created women as hard-core romantics. They like the softer side of life. That’s ingrained in their biological make-up. Women desire to be chased, wooed in unimaginable ways, paid attention to, little nothings to be whispered into her ears, brought flowers to, told that she’s the world’s most beautiful woman to you and that she’s your world. She needs to be courted. That’s in her genes. And dear men, that’s where you come into the scene. To court her and sweep her off her feet. That’s what mother nature had planned for you and her. Primarily, to ensure that you and she procreate to play your role in preserving the human species over generations and generations. However, procreation or not, that equation of nature is there to stay.

Now, you do that perfectly when you are first courting her. That’s why she’s with you in the first place. You got her with your biologically driven ways matched with your human creative potential to combine novel and good old ways to weave the fairy tale for her. You mostly get that all right until there. Problem stirs up when you get lazy. When you think, “Well alright, I got her, so let’s get on with business as usual”. That’s how you sabotage it all, my friend. You defy biology and that’s when her interest in you wanes. The ‘bio-romanticism’ in her is very much awake. It needs to be fed and watered adequately. That’s your role in this evolutionary web of life and any impoverished feed from you will make her flee.

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She’s the wooed and you are the wooer. Keep that in mind. That basic mechanism of life hasn’t changed since primeval times and that’s what we will pass on in our genes. Men are born to pursue women. That’s how the animals, fishes, birds and insects get their mate. Are we humans any different? We are only different in so much as getting lazy and still expecting kindness in return! Your other male brethren from the animal kingdom keep working at this aspect every time to win over their ladies. They put on their alpha male pompous display, even bordering on being outrageous. Some suitors scream their guts out and do the serenade, some spread widest their extravagant plumage creating optical illusions, some do the snazzy manakin dance, and some Romeos even give their lives for it! What potentially kills our human males, is their romantic complacency and running out of air. What you don’t realise is that your women are endowed with human genes. She has memory, remember. And intellect. And she gets bored. So instead of doing a one-time sprinter like the male tarantula, you need to run the human marathon spaced with attractive sprints and stunts. Yes, pull up your sleeves and bring out the Don Juan in you if you want to keep your woman!

Last but not the least, like every sound advice comes with a caveat, this one does too: even your best of wheedle may fall flat if she’s not interested. Who said life was meant to be easy!



Shower moments are phenomenal. It’s the time when I leave the world behind, shut everything out and step into my exclusive space. Without any adornment. All naked. Un-self-conscious. I turn on the knob and then the magic happens. That candid and intimate space feels extraordinary everytime. Can you imagine one of the precious elements of nature, the water, is pouring mad over me? Cascading over my body, touching every bit of me. It’s like an interplay of two lovers! The water, ever so gently kisses me, pouring out over me like crazy and bountiful love. My body responding to the wetness and my skin soaking in and welcoming the element into my world. My muscles let go of the tension and unwind to soak in the pure sensations. Noises of my thoughts are calmed giving way to feelings. The deep embedded emotions are stirred and released. They rise up one by one like bubbles and meet me. My dimension expands to include my spirit, my faith, my trust, my love. It travels the ether defying reason of the mind. I feel engulfed with the presence of myself, a wise old self which has been there for eternity. It’s powerful. I feel that aspect of myself which I hide under many layers. I feel heady with the endless possibilities of my life I see at that moment. I escape and float away into the magical and expansive landscape to experience the panorama of what I really am. That’s what lovers are supposed to do to each other, isn’t it? Ignite and empower the other through touch. Under the shower I become. I happen. All at the same time. My inner voice finally speaks! Ah showerscape!

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