She and He

I had written this poem on International Women’s Day 2021 about going beyond the physical concept of gender to the spiritual domain of the feminine energy, the energy which ‘nurtures’ and which is there in all of us- in men and women just as the masculine energy is also in all of us, in different proportions. Here’s to the feminine in us:

She and He

She is in all of us
Just as He is in all of us
She the gentle, the soft, the grace, the emotion, the nurture
He the muscled, the brave, the independence, the drive, the protection
He and She both reside in me
When my She acknowledges my He
When my He respects my She
The love in me blossoms
The garden in me blossoms
I blossom.

My She celebrates herself and the He
She exists as happy and secure
Her essence blooming to full glory
She knows she offers what no one else can.
My He knows no different too
He rejoices in himself
And in the duality of nature
For without each other
My She and My He would cease to exist altogether.

My She dances with my He
to create
Together they spark the creative energies in me
In nature,
Only when
She the feminine
And He the masculine
Can creation begin.
Only when my She is in harmony with my He
Can I offer my exquisite gifts of womanhood
To the world
Only then, can I celebrate
The divine feminine in me.

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