A mother not only gives birth
A mother not only feeds the body,
A mother nourishes the mind and the spirit too
A mother creates and provides opportunities
So that her child can be,
Who they are meant to be.

A mother allows her child to bloom into their natural selves
Not into what others think they should be
A mother accepts and celebrates her child for who they are
Unapologetically free.

A mother is fearless
She fights against impositions and conditions of society
To protect the uniqueness of her child
That intrinsic expression of self
The beauty of the child’s own identity.

Let me be such a mother to not only my children,
But like Mother Earth, to all the children of the world
Let me feel their pain and joys,
Let me see their shine
Above all, let me be love and hold each child by their hand
To lead them to their own true selves
Let the mother in me
Celebrate diversity.