Shower moments are phenomenal. It’s the time when I leave the world behind, shut everything out and step into my exclusive space. Without any adornment. All naked. Un-self-conscious. I turn on the knob and then the magic happens. That candid and intimate space feels extraordinary everytime. Can you imagine one of the precious elements of nature, the water, is pouring mad over me? Cascading over my body, touching every bit of me. It’s like an interplay of two lovers! The water, ever so gently kisses me, pouring out over me like crazy and bountiful love. My body responding to the wetness and my skin soaking in and welcoming the element into my world. My muscles let go of the tension and unwind to soak in the pure sensations. Noises of my thoughts are calmed giving way to feelings. The deep embedded emotions are stirred and released. They rise up one by one like bubbles and meet me. My dimension expands to include my spirit, my faith, my trust, my love. It travels the ether defying reason of the mind. I feel engulfed with the presence of myself, a wise old self which has been there for eternity. It’s powerful. I feel that aspect of myself which I hide under many layers. I feel heady with the endless possibilities of my life I see at that moment. I escape and float away into the magical and expansive landscape to experience the panorama of what I really am. That’s what lovers are supposed to do to each other, isn’t it? Ignite and empower the other through touch. Under the shower I become. I happen. All at the same time. My inner voice finally speaks! Ah showerscape!

nature water blue abstract
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